iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix | Build mobile sites with iPhone Template, iPhone Stuck Pixel Fix and more.

Users Love It

WordPress users are already experts. With the iKnox theme, managing your project is simple and fun.

Infinite Customizations

Easy editor for banner, colors and style. Even toolbars and buttons automatically gloss to match your preferences.

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Full screen, native fluid feel, splash screens and home icon sets iKnox apart from other systems or workarounds.

People Want Mobile Content

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt says "Before you do anything, do mobile". With iKnox, anyone can.

Built To Please Everyone

Not only do you have complete control over what the visitors see, it's presented in a manner mobile users expect.

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Just install! You never need to code a thing, just log in and create. App enabled and ready to show off to the world.