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Without Sniffin’

I just disturbed myself. God I love her, but I’m a little confused. A long friend of mine has just gotten a new puppy, I guess all puppies are new. This puppy now has a MySpace profile. I understand there are many reasons to create numerous profiles, but I know it’s not for any reason I would consider myself. What disturbed me is that I almost asked this dog to be my friend. Why would I do that? It all went through my mind – should I create a profile for my dog? Should our pups chat with each other? Would I actually spend time conversing with a dog online?

Now this dog has more friends than many of the profiles I have actually added to my list, and they’re from all over the world. She, my friend, is sitting on a network of dog owners, all love their dogs enough to create artificial personalities and spend evenings pretending they can type, assigning favorite songs and hobbies. Ok, I’m no longer disturbed.

One of my niche areas in my work has to do with dogs. Friend, you have given me an idea, an obvious one to many I would guess. Now I’ll sit and wait for the mania to take me around the world sniffin’ out dog owners that would love my little shiba inu, love to sniff me. What will I sell them?