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Leadership Made Simple Tops Amazon List!

Leadership Made Simple was launched on Amazon today and has made #2 on the Movers and Shakers List! Correction – it’s now #1 as I check right now. Congratulations Ed!

The book was written by Ed Oakley (he says by his clients) and includes over 18 years of experience and 40 examples of how Ed’s “Framework For Leadership” has turned around businesses and provided plans for success for each of them.

Ed’s a local guy, spends some of his free time at Starbucks just like anyone else I trust. And though I have only worked with him in a limited manner, I can see his leadership skills are definitely some to be shared.

Take a look at his book and his site. He keeps a journal of helpful leadership tips and his book page is filled with REAL client testimonials from REAL people. Ed is a real guy – he likes Starbucks:) I’m buying this book!

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