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Turkey in Turkey A Digital Tagger

So this morning about 8am I got hacked. I admit it. But just as I drive an extremely fast car, I also admit to getting some speeding tickets – it goes with the territory. Anyway – first thing I noticed this morning upon clicking to this site was that I ended up IN TURKEY.

WTF! Try again, yup – I’m in Turkey. A meta-refresh was injected into my sql and visitors to my lovely site in Denver were redirected to that earthquake ridden hacker infested half country named after what we eat. Ok, historically incorrect but I’m allowed to be pissed. Maybe I’ve made myself a target, maybe it was bad luck – I’ll never know.

Time to fix the site – after figuring it out and cussing I then go through my logs. Here are 3 Turkish ip’s I have banned, probably won’t be accurate in a week but you may want to ban them as well if you run any kind of DB on your server.


Next – hackers love to claim credit for their work. Where do they do this? One polular place is at zone-h.org. I went through their archives and found my domain listed – hacked by some turkey in Turkey.

I found you, you worm. Instead of playing on people’s servers, why don’t you start researching computer crime PENALTIES rather than methods.

I want to tell you there is a difference between being a hacker and being a cracker. Hackers find problems in order to find solutions. Crackers giggle at their desk in the dark commiting crimes and are no different than a tagger in gangland.

Grow up and put your skills to good use – make your country better. You may want to start dating too.

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  1. Steve Mertz November 14, 2006 at 8:22 pm #

    Nicely done Knox-Sorry you had to experience that. If Turkey doesn’t straighten up we’ll come looking for those weapons of mass destruction 🙂

  2. Convent Station Guy February 17, 2008 at 10:05 pm #

    Ok, what version of wordpress is vulnerable??



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