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Online Brochures Redundant Failures

Try it – ask a business “why do you want a brochure?” and they will just stare at you like you just said something you weren’t supposed to bring up.

A brochure is a given – a standard procedure, a marketing cliché. This is why so many websites are failures – they are no more than the online version of what you printed out and then direct to a digital version of the same thing.

A standard brochure website does nothing to enhance customer confidence or company reliability – it only makes you look static, boring – a waste of time.

Sure, I’ll build you a website if all you really want is an online brochure, but I know that only you will be happy with the product – your visitors won’t be. Even when I drive all this nice qualified traffic to your site and you decision makers are high-fivin’ each other, I also know these visitors will be driven away.

People want you to care about them – not yourselves. We don’t want to read the biography of your managers, we want to know what you think of us! Customers DON’T care about you, they care about themselves – not your mission statement or bloated logo.

It boils down to one thing really, they want respect. How do you do this with a website? This blog in it’s entirety is devoted to this topic (with some side rants and other topics), it would be impossible to devote just an article about it. Try the tag cloud below or just browse around. Feel free to comment or make suggestions – learning is a two-way adventure.

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  1. Karen May 12, 2007 at 9:27 am #

    Humble but true – nice post. All I can say to companies is “stop shaking hands, stop showing the same clip art everyone uses and stop lecturing me on how great you are.”

    C ya Monday!

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