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The Home Page Dilemma

Ever notice that websites’ most relevant information is often times a click or two away from the home page? There’s a contact page, an about page, services or product page, etc.

After all these supporting sub-pages are written, businesses seem to be scratching their heads. When asked for content for the home page I get “hmm, didn’t think about that” – I’m done being amazed.

I think this is probably a big reason some companies use splash pages, big “corporate hellos” that say ‘click here’. This is like Wal-Mart requiring their customers to watch a 30 second commercial before entering their store.

After working on countless websites and as I eat, sleep and breath “web stuff”, I do know what works, but it’s a backwards process.

Look at your website home page and ask yourself these questions. If you get the hints for answering all of them, your home page will be a winner, and the rest of your site will then be explored.

• Why did we start this business?
• Who are our customers?
• How do we make our customers’ lives better?
• What’s the one thing we do best?
• Why are we great at what we do?
• What qualifies us?
• What to our products look like?
• How do we know what our customers want?
• What is the defining characteristic of our business?
• What makes us different from the rest?

This is not easy, few sites accomplish this with grace and simplicity.

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