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Please Say Goodbye To Corporate Hello’s

The web is as necessary to business today as the telephone was a decade ago, yet so many businesses use it as nothing more than a digital business card.

Ok, your expensive “corporate hello” may be great – if it were still 1998.

If budget is your reason for having a generation 1 website, ok, but don’t just redesign the same thing for your generation 2 or 3 site.

Take advantage of the unique capabilities of modern web technologies – the ability to get feedback, personalize, interact, facilitate transactions and to learn as well as lecture.

You must understand that web users today in this networked and interactive market expect you to be at least as sophisticated as they are.

If they can get your service or product quicker from another company online – they will. And if those companies are meeting their immediate desires (and they are) why should they waste their time reading your mission statement?

They won’t.

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