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Some Web Copy Kung Fu

People seem to go to greater lengths to keep from losing something they have than they would to acquire something they don’t.

The old adage “Fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain” is very true when writing web copy designed to sell.

Web copy – this is NOT to be confused with web CONTENT.

Content are the words to inform, educate and communicate.

Web copy is the art of turning words into money.

So, if you’re selling something on your website, put extra thought into your copy. Remember – words tell and emotions sell.

Fear of loss – some examples:

1. “How to stop your divorce”
2. “Avoid Foreclosure”
3. “What Will You Do When Your Site Gets Hacked?”

They all cater to the same ‘fear of loss’ method to generate emotion with the web copy. You need to consider your target and your product before employing this though.

Remember – regardless of your widget, if your site looks like an ad it won’t convert as well as a simple first person conversation with your visitor while injection some emotion would.

It won’t matter how good your grammar is or how great your vocabulary may be – if it lacks emotion it won’t sell.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Supply both with great content AND great copy.

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