Apple Does It Again With iPhone!

Apple always amazes us, they have stated that they aren’t computer or software manufactures, but innovators.

Apple announced the long rumored iPhone today – and it blows away the dreams of mac fans. The iPhone is revolutionary.

Integrated is a widescreen lcd with over 160 pixel/inch (that’s likely twice the resolution of your monitor) and it acts as a pop up keyboard as well as a dial pad and everything else you could think of.

An iPod is built in, there is only ONE button, and the entire interface is a touch screen.

That’s hardly the cool part.

The iPhone runs OSX – not a lame watered down pocket version. This allows TRUE, REAL web surfing. It has a build in camera, integrates with your address book, phot albums and more. Best of all it’s a full featured email device as well as web browser.

There’s so many gems in this toy, I WANT ONE NOW.

Update – turns out the only real complaint is that the iPhone may have some dead pixels – I made an iPhone app to help out.

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