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Seo’s vs. Spammers (Cowards)

Doorway pages that redirect us without explanation, synthetic pages auto-generated by software, pages like toilet paper containing nothing but links, pages without exits except an ad to click, pages with ads disguised as menus, pages containing long lists of every conceivable search query but no information.

The only thing these web pages have in common is that they’re all junk. They are spam. These pages are not the product of SEO’s, they are the product of cowards.

Spam pages are created to attract search engine referrals, generate revenue for the spammer and enhance rank to their other spam sites.

Once these spam pages are indexed by search engines they pollute search engine query results.

Spam is deceitful. Visual tricks hide content and links. Cloaks disguise web pages with unseen surrogates. Doorways conceal wormholes. Guest books, forums and blogs are filled with irrelevant and mysterious messages. Wikis redefine words to suit their writers’ preference and promote affiliate products, and web footers are stuffed with invisible links.

Spam is harmful. Like email spam it wastes time while producing nothing beneficial to society.

Pagerank is much like human attention. One site’s enhanced visibility detracts from another.

Spam is wasteful. It compromises healthy growth and beauty – the growth of our society’s knowledge base.

Spam deceives. It doesn’t respect society nor brings any benefit or happiness to people.

Just as I can no longer watch T.V. with my family without being bombarded with erectile dysfunction commercials, I can’t shop online for Disney clothes for my daughter without being offered cheap viagra, 10 year old girls and a tour of Gomorrah.

This is becoming our society’s knowledge base. Thank you, spammers, you who profit from destroying the beauty the web could have promised and watering down our collective intellect while offering our children the insidious ponderings we try to protect them from.

Spammers are scavengers. As they giggle in the dark, proud that they scraped another $100 from Google adsense, they are still giggling alone, and definitely hiding.

Spammers are cowards. Those that hold their heads high are confused; it’s not courage. These are folk that a couple generations ago would have been hanged.