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Tom Antion – Refunding Mentees?

Turns out Tom Antion had a snide retort after getting caught spamming and his stupid mass email on his blogspot blog. Yes, comments are disabled apparently because he can’t allow anyone to show the hypocrisy behind his latest spam. He speaks of novice webmasters while his comments are at blogger. Here’s the post, with no-follow 😈 Your links probably stink.

Tom called SEO’s “full of it” within this blog when some of his spam was noticed and his remarks were also commented on at

Several people have emailed me more screenshots and proof of his spam methods as well as copies of his seminar kit for online marketing (I already have that). Also sent was a map of his mass interlinking strategy that provides great information about his house of cards. I talked at length with one of these “mentees” about how he PAID TOM ANTION to show him how to sell TOM ANTION’S CRAP. Tom, are you going to refund them?

Truth is that Tom isn’t challenged often because he only allows one-way lectures, and dismisses those that are smarter by making fun of them at public speaking engagements, his target audience.

Tom Antion hires people to make video casts that LOOK like news programs and begins his infomercials with the typical late night (targeted to the unemployed and desperate – is that you?) with the venerable “get rich”, “take vacations whenever you want, “fire your boss” and more garbage while hiring eLance to ghost-write books saying he’s an authority, further propagating the “Guru” status he currently enjoys.

Sad that people fall for this.Tom NEVER reveals the success ratio of his customers.

But, since I wrote the article I had 2 (4) (9) (16) (21), of his past “mentees” hire me 👿 and yes, if they don’t succeed I don’t get paid. Does Tom do that?

Find someone who can help you promote YOU, not train you to promote them.

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  1. Nev April 4, 2007 at 8:11 pm #

    I was looking for the dirt on Tom. I joined his Mentorship program several years ago. I did nothing with it because I am not a techie and didn’t understand much of what he was saying during the weekend, even though I had listened to his CD’s and read the material. Today I got a threatening email from him, saying that if I am making any money on the web I owe him 25% of it and if I am working on any other project I owe him $50K. The guy is nuts. He never spent any time with us to figure out that his program just wasn’t for us. He didn’t put any time into us. Never helped us figure out how to use his program (that was for us to do). I want to know if there are a hoard of people out there that have had the same experience of him and how to gather them up to put this guy out of business. Any suggestions?

  2. Knox April 4, 2007 at 8:22 pm #


    I KNOW you’re not alone. Don’t be scared of his shake-down.

    I would like to learn more about your experience though. I would love for you to publish (I’ll help) the threat and show the world his true nature.

    This site gets more hits than his, so please, share anything you wish. Just know that you own your words and they should be the truth (that’s why I don’t worry about writing about him) 😀

  3. Dan May 5, 2007 at 12:17 am #

    I am amazed. I,too was a mentee of Tom Antion. I found his info and techniques, not only ethical, but practical. Tom does all he can to get people OFF his list, to keep them from calling his emails spam. My only problem was and is ME. I couldn’t do it all fast enough, but Tom reminded me, it had taken him nearly 10 years to do all he talks about.
    I’m no lemming. His program is not expensive, but moderately priced for the volume of info and expertise he provides. He tells you he’s no techie,but a marketer. And I have met a few people like you, and the dissatified mentee who denigrate him, because he puts down artsy/ graphics people who DO pretend to be SEO/techie savvy. They are the only ones who are really cheating people, because they can design pretty websites, that aren’t at all functional for SEO/Search engines.
    The mentees who ARE doing wel on the web, followed his advice from his butt camps (free forever after you attend the 1st), CDs (many of them included in the mentee prog.), videos, mentees calls, teleseminars, downloadable mp3s, coaching calls (anytime appts. with Tom)AND DOING THE WORK.
    Those who aren’t doing well, aren’t doing the work. And did they read the contract they agreed to, before they signed? Aparently, their own greed must have blinded them.
    Tom tells you how, even the what and where. But I understand those Mentees who can’t either do it themselves or won’t hire a techie like yourself to do the tech work. Other than that it IS all about marketing and thinking differently about marketing on the web, than in other media. For the amount of time and effort I received from Tom, it would’ve cost me at least twice that to get ANY info on internet marketing from a college course. And I’m still working on it.
    By the way, hits don’t matter, sales matter, SEO should bring more sales, NOT more hits, which cost you time AND money. And Google ranks your page a 3, Tom’s is a 4 out of 10. You’re not doing bad, but his IS better. Hope you continue to do well in your SEO and stop trying to pick fights that are neither winnable nor worthwhile. If your feelings were hurt by Tom, do what another speaker says. “Get over it, Get a life.” Your fortunate you have one, and it’s in SEO. More power to you. Congrats, Dan

  4. Knox May 8, 2007 at 6:43 pm #

    I never thought this site was “pretty”

    Dan, you DO know that pr, as you said “google ranks you 1 to 10” is not what you thought it was. But because you put it out there, this is a 4 in little time, not 3. I know, but it is not a site SELLING anything. Your site, Dan, is a PR1 – in FOUR YEARS, contains 23 different meta-tags and is a front-page mess that will not rank organically (that means generate traffic that you can sell to – for those who don’t understand that traffic is vital to conversion).

    Dan, I’m not picking fights, I’m telling the truth. I understand you want to defend your poor investment, but some day you have to realize you lost. Dan, there’s so much wrong with almost every line of your comment, I really don’t have the energy to pick it apart. There’s nothing for me to “get over”. You say Tom wants people off his list, not true. That’s a method for him to stuff more sales down your throat.

    Funny, you found this article by searching for “tom antion” – mission accomplished. Sorry for the delay in it posting – your ip was flagged as spam in Akismet.

    Something else – do people like you actually NOT think that site architecture has anything to do with how a site ranks? Doesn’t THAT bring in traffic, and isn’t that what you need before you can SELL anything?

    You guys are missing a huge part of the process – all because one man says it’s not important. You say “his site is better” because it’s a 4… you really did waste your money.

    Again, you admit your failure yet attack the spirit of these articles.

    Bottom line is that “pretty sites” has nothing to do with seo. Toms “methods” are well known and FREE to anyone who wants it. If some people don’t want to do the work, they will fail, but they don’t have to pay 5 g’s to get public info, spammed for life, and then threatened with a non-enforceable shake down.

    Dan, don’t spam me anymore unless you want to send me 5 grand for some outdated and stupid advise.


  5. James Boyer June 7, 2007 at 7:21 pm #

    Nail him Knox, Nail him.

  6. Jim July 7, 2007 at 3:07 pm #

    Are we to believe someone who won’t even post their name? What’s a Knox?

  7. Knox July 8, 2007 at 2:51 am #

    Jim, Knox is a proper noun;
    proper noun (also proper name)- a name used for an individual person, place, or organization, spelled with initial capital letters, e.g., Larry, Mexico, and Boston Red Sox. Often contrasted with common noun.
    Jim, I’m sorry your school failed you and thanks for detailing what is not to be “believed”

  8. LauraVR August 29, 2008 at 6:18 am #

    I am currently a mentee of Tom’s and I have found him to be totally ethical and a man of high integrity. The negative comments sound like sour grapes. The mentee program is priced fairly and all is made clear up front. One must work the program. As Tom becomes better and better known, sometimes he is not as accessible – but I definitely think he’s fair and he is highly savvy about marketing on the internet. He hides nothing as far as I am concerned.

    Go Tom!


  9. Knox September 1, 2008 at 7:52 am #

    You are a CURRENT mentee – that’s obvious because you use the term “sour grapes” (used often at the seminars) and that you have not learned yet that hs methods fail, other than making you a part of his pyramid affiliate system. Yes, you are paying him to make him money.

    Feel smart yet?

    I’m confident a year from now you will regret your investment and wish you purchased a real program instead of snake oil. But hey – you’re happy. By the way, “savvy’ is not the word. “Spammy” is – and you’ll learn that as your projects fail. Take care, lauraVR without an email address or real name;) Can’t wait for your grapes to sour and in the future you will remember this post.

  10. Metha April 6, 2011 at 12:13 am #

    The negative comments are not worthy of you. What ever your complaint might be… you should build a bridge…and get over it! Tom Antion offers sound advice, proven advice and frankly does not twist our arm to sign his contract. We do it of our own free will.

    One of the above statements, “My only problem was and is ME. I couldn’t do it all fast enough, but Tom reminded me, it had taken him nearly 10 years to do all he talks about.” …is so true. Tom is always encouraging and and understands that some of us work at our own pace.

    I understood how to do many of the things Tom teaches, but I didn’t know trends, and new internet methods. Basically, Tom brought me into the 21st century and for that I am grateful.

    Clearly the “Antion” method of marketing and training is not for everyone. Buyer beware. The old saying, “You can bring the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is relative to working with Tom. He can offer all his training, wisdom and advice, but if we don’t follow up… well, it would not be very cost effective…the burden is on us, not Tom Antion.

    I bid you peace. But you will only attain peace by letting go of your negativity. I wish you well.

    • admin April 6, 2011 at 12:24 am #


      You were responding to a Four Year Old post. I need to “get over it”? I wrote that years ago after a friend of mine was hosed by the spammer.

      The other Antion post you didn’t read (I see from looking at my logs) was the absolute truth about his spam and lies.

      Good luck in your ventures. And I think if you have read my post for at least that long or met me at seminars, that it IS not only “worthy” of me, but typical with earned arrogance.

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