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Tom Antion Shakes-Down Mentee

For some delusional reason, Tom Antion with his apparent narcissistic personality disorder believes that people OWE HIM MONEY if they make money on their own.

Because I have called Tom Antion out on one of his spamming methods, this blog has received a good amount of traffic. Traffic of those searching for, you guessed it, Tom Antion.

Tom gave a comment here implying that this site will never rank, that “seo’s are full of it” and used some language that really impressed my educated readers. But, in one day that article was on page 2 of google for your name (while people STILL pay PPC for that) But, I’m “full of it” according to Tom Antion.

Since then, I have received email from past “Mentees” as well as hired by some to teach them the RIGHT and ethical way of doing things.

One person has commented that Tom Antion (this person’s former “Mentor”) had today received an email from Tom shaking her down for 25% of ANYTHING she made online in the future and if she is working on any new projects then $50,000.00 !!!! (Tom, can you say restraint of trade?!)

I intend to publish this as I’ve been GIFTED the letter that was GIFTED to your mentee, and hope that all of you out there searching and learning about the true nature of Tom Antion take these comments to heart.

More articles about Tom Antion can be found here and here and here.

Tom should think about and ask himself – and honestly consider: WHY are these articles popping up? Well, Mr. Antion, I’ll be decontructing your claims here, yes, with copies of your alledged agreement you use in attempt to shake-down people who have already paid you (way too much).

Contact me with your true Tom Antion stories – the truth needs to be known to everyone considering the investment he requires to teach you how to make HIM money.