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More Reasons To Boycott Qwest?

Though many have boycotted Qwest in the past, there’s even more to the reasoning than before.

Sure, the former big-wig is now facing 190 years in prison, but that doesn’t help us.

Sure, Denver residents still have to put up with their over-sized neon blue sign on our tallest building.

BUT, you shouldn’t boycott them because you didn’t want to pay the only player in town for phone service.

I know of MANY people who have gone completely wireless, including myself in the past. Sure, we used other means of communication for Internet and TV access, but we wouldn’t touch Qwest for phone service.

Well, I have signed up for the Comcast deal, it includes cable and high speed internet as you always knew, but did you know they have phone service too?

Comcast now has a deal, where for just over $30 a month you get all 3!

Ok, how does their phone service work? Though your modem! Yeah, VOIP but so much better.

I have the service, and I LOVE IT!

I watch TV, work online (constantly) AND talk on the phone simultaneously and never experience a burp.

Quality? PERFECT.

Now, there are some jewels with their phone service I’ll show here.

You can personalize your phone service online. For example, I get an email when I have a voice-mail.

Then I log into my Comcast Digital Voice control panel and I can view a list of ALL my calls, in, out and more.

Clicking a voicemail, stamped by time and the number that called, you can listen to it on your computer.

This is really nice, and offers a service webmasters may see as a jewel in itself. I’ll explain.

There are services out there that, for a fee, allow you too call and leave a message. This message is then sent back (after payment) to be used in websites. It’s good for audio testimonials, sales presentations, you get the idea, you’ve seen it before.

Well… it’s now free. Call yourself, or have a client leave a message. You now have a digital version that you can simply save from your control panel and then integrate into your website. A very nice alternative to things like

comcast voip

So, if you’ve cut the cord where phone service is concerned, or if you use a primitive VOIP service, you really should make the switch to Comcast.

Chances are, (if you live in Denver) you are paying more for just one service all ready be it TV, Internet or phone, but now you can have all 3 for very little money.

Check it out here – not only you get Comcast Digital Cable but also phone and internet. It is  awesomeness!

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  1. Howard Tayler August 16, 2007 at 1:09 pm #

    Need another reason to boycott Qwest?

    Here’s a nice violation of the “Do Not Call” list, written up by yours truly.

    I was flabbergasted by this Qwest salesman’s behavior on the phone. While it may seem unfair to boycott an entire corporation based on one individual’s behavior, I’m not above being unfair. It’s the only way to win when you fight someone a million times your size.

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