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Mac Users Suffer From “Perceived Dirty Hands Syndrome”

Macs are pretty… out of the box. All Mac users suffer from “perceived dirty hands syndrome”. We can be seen pulling shirt cuffs over our fists to shine our laptops before turning them around for someone else to use.

I knew I wasn’t alone. The problem is not your hands – it’s the plastics used by Apple – but there’s a solution. The laptops suffer the most. I have a problem with some of their keyboards as well.

After reading some I realized I wasn’t alone. He links to a Flickr image of exactly my problem. The thread, at the very end, notes that Mr Clean Magic Erasers work.

I ran to Walgreens tonight to test it out. YES – it works. These things are great! Mac users should help each other out – show everyone we’re not all as dirty as laptops make us look.

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  1. James Boyer July 2, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    I like macs but don’t have one mainly becouse our MLS system here will not spend the money to make it possible to print using a mac from their system. Seems like a poor excuse but that is what I have to live with.

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