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5 Nifty WordPress Plug-ins

Yes I use WordPress – it’s awesome. I got an email asking what plug-ins I use here, but I’ll get to that another time

Here are some plug-ins that I don’t use, but LOVE. I’ll get them in here in time, but use these on client sites.

Take a look at them, they’re all pretty nice.

1. Comment Preview: Yes, it gives commentors a chance to preview their comments before posting, I know – that’s an obvious one but don’t you wish you had it?

2. WP-email: Lets you add an “email this” to any post or page, nice for spreading the word to others.

3. WP-Grins: This is fun, it adds a row of WordPress smilies to the comment box allowing commentors to inject the emonicons without going through the horrible process of typing them out. Ok, maybe it isn’t hard but it makes your comment box look a little more sophisticated.

4. WP-Postratings: This is cool. It’s very easy to set up and displays a 5-star rating system to any post or page. You can place it anywhere you want. Just a little more Ajax to ooh and awe the visitors.

5. Last but greatest – cForms: This plug-in simply rocks. It allows your to build your own contact forms from the admin dashboard. You can make and customize them. Yes, I said THEM. Make as many as you want, use any kind of fields you want and even allow uploads. Play with it and you’ll love it. I’ll be adding it here I’m sure.

Want the plug-ins? I zipped them and you can download the batch here.

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  1. Blog Opinion June 12, 2007 at 5:18 am #

    Cforms and postrating seems quiet interesting thanks for plugins 🙂 It will help out to know the taste of readers .

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