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Idea From Denver PD

Yes, I got ANOTHER ticket! My time of badging out of traffic stops is over. I’ve invested in 360` radar/laser detectors. Light refracting license plate covers (for those stupid photo red light jobs) and I keep a live feed of dispatch running on one speaker.

Ok, I COULD slow down, I know, but if that’s what I wanted to do I’d buy a freakin ricer. So, 3 tickets so far this month.

No, I’m not bragging about that, that’s a stupid thing. They say bad luck comes in 3’s, I’m hoping so. Maybe I’m posting this for lack of another subject right now. No, I won’t go to court, the mail-in plea bargain is fine. These things have become a line item row in the budget now.

Then I start thinking.

Maybe a website where idiots like me can post our traffic stories, share excuses and court negotiations could be fun. Above being an outlet for lead-footed people, the smarter crown could be entertained, shake their heads and wonder why we would post such things. Then, maybe after that they’ll wonder how much is made on advertising and affiliate revenue is made from such a silly thing.

Thanks Denver PD – I’ll pay the fine.

Yes, money is to be made from almost any idea. You don’t need a widget or service – just an idea. I know a guy that makes a fortune off seeds! Yes, plant seeds.

Get some basic webmastery skills and write down your ideas – a year from now you’ll be posting silly stories about yourself amusing others that are smarter than you. Then you’ll get the last laugh.

Send me your ideas if you don’t think they’ll work!

2 Responses to “Idea From Denver PD”

  1. James Boyer June 26, 2007 at 7:50 am #

    I like your writing style and find myself reading each of your blogs. By the way I gave you a Digg on this one. Nice going, but lighten the right foot, or you may find yourself with a bicycle.

  2. Knox June 28, 2007 at 7:32 pm #

    James – You like my style, that makes 2 of us 😳

    Thanks for chiming in, I think I need to start looking at mountain bikes soon or wear lighter shoes.

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