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iPhone With Testosterone

So I was away for a few days. Yes, I was playing with my new toy. Go get your girly gooey gadget (I did) but don’t cry when you drop it – the scuffs and scratches may do just that!

I KNOW! EVERYONE is blogging about the iPhone. I’m not. Yes, this device is wonderful – mostly. What I’m concerned with is BREAKING IT.

Though Apple says it’s durable, I can’t use it, carry it and even show it off with confidence because it’s – GLASS.

So I went to the Apple store and solved it. It’s rugged, it’s a manly iPhone cover. (you can get a clear one if you really want – your clients may think it’s “cute”)

Pick up the Speck ToughSkin for iPhone and you’ll be able to treat your phone the way you want to – the way you will! – and not worry. This sleeve is great. Rubberized with the right amount of lip to buffer and knocks and allows you to put it down with a nice little “thump” instead if some other noise that would worry you.

Fits perfectly and has a good feel while holding and won’t make you worry about dropping it. Honestly, I was hesitant using this toy ’til I found the ToughSkin. I’d throw this on a duty belt with confidence.

You can get them online but I found it at the Apple store as well.

It also comes with a clip that hooks to the sleeve – I don’t use it though. You can see that the edges have a bumper – very nice idea if you want extra protection. I put this glass side down pretty quickly (it even bounced). 30 bucks to protect 600 – and it isn’t neon colored.

By the way, if you have stuck pixels on your iPhone, you may want to see this solution.

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  1. James Boyer July 4, 2007 at 11:28 am #

    I want a I-Phone. I currently have a Palm Treo 700P and I am not all that happy with it. I got it because I need to use a GE Security piece of software that GE decided had to use Touch Screen technology, when hitting a few keys would do the same thing, but they are ever so much more wise then the rest of us.

    The Palm just does not seem to be ready for prime time. It goes into these cycles where it just will not quite rebooting. Happens about every 2 or 3 weeks, it has done this ever since it was new. In fact this is the third Treo I have had because of this issue, I am starting to think it is just something the Treo does. The solution is to do a hard reset. I hate doing that, because I loose my call log and I have to re install my applications.

    I have had the wonderful experience recently of dropping my Treo 2 feet, and wouldn’t you know kit the screen cracked, so had to replace that, fortunately lots of digging around the internet and I found the parts and a nice utub video on how to do the replacement. Screen works like new now.

    If GE will write the software to work on the I Phone I will buy the I Phone.


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