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No Anchor Advantage

As a gift to readers (some have noticed) I have the infamous “no-follow” tag removed from comment links to reward those that comment. My viewers are a shy bunch for they rarely comment. My logs show that I’m pushin’ close to 0% – then I compare that to the actual email I receive from here and It makes me wonder. Hundreds of views = less than 1 comment. Ok, I may be boring, but I wanted to be sure.

So, I responded to some email and I was told they fear leaving a comment becasue I may “rip on them” or otherwise try to humiliate them or make them a “target”. Man, I’m really not that mean of a guy! Sure, if you say the sky is green I’ll argue that, opinions aren’t a problem, I argue FACTS. (even if we’re friends) For the record I do have a touchy feely blog elsewhere where people love to talk – hmmmm.

Ok, I deviated there. This lone post is to let people that figured out the no-follow disabling I employ within this blog is NOT FOR ANCHOR TEXT COMMENT SPAM or completely irrelevant comments made (from what I see) purely to generate links. Hey, I could have just added the no-follows again in a few months and take them away completely! So I’m compromising. Comments from the same ip or to the same family of sites with varying anchor text in the ‘name’ field (That IS FOR your NAME) are not going to be approved anymore. I’ll most likely get some email complaints – those will be ignored.

So leave a RELEVANT and honest comment if you want the link-love. The links will be good, but they will be honest.

For those of you that try to comment spam me for your own SEO benefit: