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Who Does Your Blog Serve? – by ProBlogger

This is a great vid from Darren Rowse. He asks some great questions that I really had to think about.

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After listening to Darren, I considered all of it. Hmm…. what do I get out of this blog? As ProBlogger is about “making money from blogging” this site is not that, I have many other sites doing that. This is a place where, yes, it serves myself. But, as Darren points out, that’s a bad thing. Not really – I am happy giving away some jems and sharing some wares that I’ve made.I’m not seeking comments (that’s obvious) but am satisfied when I see the logs, the number of downloads and more.This site serves a degree of mental stimulation as well. This site with others are great testing grounds, the logs are used to analyze some ideas as well as stir things up. Sharing this video is partly what satisfies me, and hopefully you.

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  1. James Boyer September 15, 2007 at 10:38 pm #

    It is good to share, some will always complain though. I have one who just loves to e-mail me with his complaints about my blogs and how the statistical data is just not good enough for him. I have not sent this back to him yet but I feel like sending back to him, “buy a house from me and I will give you more in depth data, but seeing as you are in Virginia and I work in Northern New Jersey that is not likly to happen”. I personaly think he just loves to complain.

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