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Knoxin’ Back

I know, I’ve deviated from the type of articles this site is supposed to be about. But, rest assured there are several in the pipe that will show you how to write web copy, make more money with your site, some SEO jems and more. Honestly, I have a real job too and have been working on that.

I’ll be responding to (most of) the email I’ve received soon as well.

Thanks for sighing with me lately. One cardinal rule of blogging is to NEVER write a post saying “Sorry I’ve been away…” but I never color within the lines anyway.

Yes, some SEO jems, a big announcement with the direction of my company and some spoofs soon.

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  1. James Boyer December 4, 2007 at 9:54 pm #

    I like that avitar, though it is very distracting. I would love to find a Jack Russell avitar as I find them to be so funny.

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