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Google PR Splashback

the right wayThe diagram to the right is to aid you guys who may later complain about splashback.

Here’s a quick ramble, not a rant. Another common sense issue. A while back I wrote about some sites getting “penalized” by Google after the discovery of some spammy techniques used to boost their search rankings.

I bring this up because of a recent devaluation of some websites by Google. PR, green pixels, the almighty little bar that some webmasters use as a gauge of the worth for their website have some people flustered tonight.

Two days ago, Google PR had been “updated” – selectively. I have not found any sites that have increased, but only some that have decreased. Looking around myself and reading some forums it does look to me that the sites that have been devalued are only in terms of PR – the green pixels you see in the Google toolbar, not in actual search results.

So… who cares?

Ironically and as before, the obvious reasons for the change were well articulated in the complaint of those affected.

Most webmasters that have graduated from last decade’s SEO tactics fully understand that this gauge is NOT the end-all and be-all of SEO success.

This little green bar is used as a bragging tool, a way to say “My site is high PR” sometime followed up with “wanna buy a link?” It’s used to sell advertising, not your service that you want to be ranked for. (Now we begin to see who cares)

This is the issue. Google knows that sites of high PR may want to monetize that “worth” by selling links to other sites, with the buyer understanding that links from high PR sites may help them in search.

By devaluing the green bar worth, a tool used to sell links to other sites is somewhat withdrawn from the equation, not totally but certainly to those that don’t understand the greater picture.

Any site owner out there upset thinking their site isn’t “as good” becasue of a couple green pixels is wrong. Unless, your site’s aim is to sell links.

Buying links is 90% an effort to artificially boost your own. If you’re selling links, more power to you – I’m all for making money. Those buying links – DON’T DO IT ON A SITE THAT ADVERTISE LINK SALES. That’s like a cop wearing a t-shirt that says “under cover”.

This recent change in the toolbar is because the Google PR Pixels have essentially created an economy of link buying and selling, all of which intended to baffle and undermine Google’s own algorithm. Google has to do it.

I like the change, I think site owners should ignore the toolbar and look at at search and conversion data as I’ve said before.

Spitting in the wind is bad. Spamming will hurt your site. Buying links is known to be an issue as well as selling. Every person complaining KNOWS this – GOOGLE it.

Trying to find loopholes that aren’t clear is risky. On and on and on – the same complaints by the same type of people.

Doing it right is just as easy! And you sleep better too. When a site is penalized, devalued or otherwise rendered invisible – it’s NOT the FAULT of a search engine, company or someone REPORTING your actions. It’s your site, your actions. (or the actions of those you hire)

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  1. James Boyer December 4, 2007 at 9:51 pm #

    Hi Knox,

    Have not heard anything from you in a while. What wp plug in are you using so that you can display all of your other blog posts on the no matter what blog post a user is in. Very nice for SEO and user experience.


  2. Knox December 6, 2007 at 2:19 am #

    I’ve been away a bit James. I’ll put together my plug-ins and share with you. Not everything is a plug enabled feature, most of what I use here is hard-coded. – I HAVE been meaning to talk to you again:)

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