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Denver SEO & Reputation Management

seo for dummiesWow, I really do go a while without writing about SEO. So while I mostly throw out tips and toys I need to remind myself (you?) that I run a Reputation Management network from Denver and I’m pretty much the only real SEO in Denver.

Though there are some others with “SEO packages” they really aren’t at a level that could be called professional. Yes, they do come up in the SERPS for ONE OR TWO phrases (good going guys). I think I need to put this site back on top again.

Subsequently, I amended the menu above. Under the ‘Denver SEO’ link I used to have pictures of Denver. Well I took those out and added a few more lines explaining the difference between the SEO that ranked a lone site for their domain name and a tried and true expert that has taken industry newbies to industry leaders and millionaires.  (Sadly, the inverse of the affect is also accomplished at times.)

<—–Typical SEO selling “Packages”

Professional Reputation Management Firm working on your behalf—–>

Granted, my posts about iPhones, cars and vacations really don’t apply to the overall theme of an SEO blog or help it in search, but they are more fun to write! I COULD just regurgitate what you can find everywhere else, but what would that do for either of us?

So I’ll sprinkle this site with SEO articles, talk about Denver and my life a little, drop a couple hints, build my toys and feed some clients on the back – it’s my site.

I do apologize for my deviating articles, maybe you want to read ANOTHER “What Google PR really means” post – well you can go all over and get that. Thanks for all of you who have made this site a daily stop – even if it’s for SEO tips. 😉

5 Responses to “Denver SEO & Reputation Management”

  1. JoshG December 20, 2007 at 10:37 pm #

    Don’t change I like what you write and it’s always different than others

  2. James Boyer December 24, 2007 at 8:58 pm #

    Nice Post Knox, though I tend to skip the IPhone posts you make, I tend to like the articles you write about SEO and some of the related topics. Keep up the great work is it much appreciated by myself and my overall mission to generate a large share of my New Jersey Real Estate business through the web.


  3. Brett January 4, 2008 at 1:47 pm #

    I met a some “real” Denver SEOs at SMX Mobile and Local this year, or at least they totally fooled me 😉

  4. Knox January 4, 2008 at 3:09 pm #

    Brett, should’ left your url – this is a dofollow blog.

    You’re right, I sent a mole there as well. Doing what you do, I’m sure you’ve run into clients that purchased whiz-bang promises. A year late, a few hundred visitors and a couple of conversion they are PIXXED.

    Drop me a note if you wanna join up in any way to push sites – sharing with friends is better than enemies.

    You’re a Drupal and Mac user, we could get along:)


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