Retaining Readers By Adding Content | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Retaining Readers By Adding Content

2007 is over. I’ve added the 4th Quarter ‘Bragstat’ below, with markers of when I posted here. The purpose though isn’t to say “look at my #’s” but to remind everyone that posting new content brings past readers back to your blog.

knox traffic q4

Bottom line is that if your site goes stale, so will your numbers. Remember to offer a feed of some kind and a method for readers to subscribe to posts and email your colleagues when you post something they may enjoy.

You can see that there’s an trend upward in hits after each post. Disregard the last week on this pic for this site, those were iPhone x-mas gift receivers looking for my tools. I stalled in posting in November to let my Web2.OhMyGod article stick on top for a while – I got some good clickthrough but people were reluctant to comment, I think it freaked them out.

So, I’ve got a great tutorial for WordPress users coming in a couple days so be sure to check it out if you’re a blogger wanting to better your theme.