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LanGard MicroDevelopers LLC (very limited)

oregon business websites

I read a number of blogs and forums, so do you – you’re here.

One of my daily stops is
I’ve up-thumbed them for a long time, I have ZERO issues with them.

But… it does get infiltrated once in a while by a loud-mouthed know-it-all that attempts to derail threads, stifle opposing views and spam.

I recently engaged in a thread about coding where a question was raised if someone could get a job as a web designer if they don’t know PHP or SQL.

(A designer is NOT a coder)

The overall consensus of the conversation was “YES” (and it’s true) but one little man didn’t agree, LanGard. The rest with an IQ over 100 agreed.

Fine – but who is he and what’s his mission? And what is mine?

LanGard MicroDevelopers (hereafter referred to as Langard) uses the forum to argue and build links to his spam sites. So far overlooked, so far not connected with banned alter ego alternative identities.

Fine – that’s for REW to figure out, but when he sends me Private message attacks, I’ll publish it here.

LanGard is a hosting service re-seller – not an SEO. He does have a small library of almost invisible sites though, and REW is his method of building rank for it. is his project. LanGard announced it as thier “latest pilot” in April of 2006!

This is important when reading further – APRIL ’06. It is now January 2008.

What is ?

It’s a “real estate directory” filled with duped members “registering” to be featured, they link back to Langard and they are presented in directory (no link to their site) as a way to boost his link popularity and in his mind natural rank in Google.

The site is a mess of advertisements and basically confusing navigation. It is a spam site with content volunteered by the “members” and duped to link to him.

Why does it matter? Because he is a loud voice of advise to novice SEO’s, and he’s very wrong.

First of all – he doesn’t even rank his own site: (Phrase from his target search)

oregon websites address

oregon real estate

He tries to stifle me in the forum as well, belittle others and even caused a member to request the thread closed. Then I get a Private message after I mentioned that in ALL THAT TIME (remember April ’06) he is now #231 in Google for the search phrase “oregon real estate” -And that’s out of less than 4 million possibilities. NOT that competitive for over a year and a half’s effort. Then asked him to chime in again with the arrogance when he breaks into the top 100.

Here’s the private (no more) msg:

Dont get hot

Hey, it’s a good discussion. Forgot your “DC” stats. For what keywords? Come on. Your numbers don’t mean much of anything. Try “Wooden Haitian Voodoo Dolls” in Google and you’ll probably come up with a test I did TEN YEARS AGO. In other words, don’t go there with juvenile tests because they’re, well, juvinile.

I’m good at what I do and you are not. I’ve done it for longer that you can remember.

But I like you for the way you challenge things. I think it’s healthy and good.

If you still wish to communicate with me, you can do so by e-mailing me at thei address — but I only have the opportunity to see it once a month.

Now what do I make of this? A threat? Bully attempt to intimidate me? An incompetent and impotent little ass? Ummm, is “Oregon real estate” not an obvious phrase for an Oregon real estate site?

He refers to a ten year old, 4 word almost random phrase (of 5,500 ) as a flagship of success. WOW (though I still can’t find it).

Hand him a check everyone! And what’s with the “Check email once a month” or whatever – could it be a Work Release program, when his big sister let’s him play on the internet?

10 years, and your site is still invisible? It’s true, the wayback archive does show it to be true. Not even the top 100 out of so little? You are amazing! Keep spamming forums, you’ll get there! But hey, you managed no traffic in that time – not even recognized by Alexa.

oregon real estate seo

LanGard MicroDevelopers LLC twn yeas

“He’s good at it and I’m not” – ok LanGard MicroDevelopers. What do you actually charge for your incredible SEO service?

Ethics aside, say he’s not a link spammer? He’s in Oregon, there are so many examples.

Friends, members and companies looking for honest, non-spammy promotion, stay away from Langard and other firms that may not actually exist, can’t promote themselves, claim extensive knowledge and skill and can’t demonstrate it.

LanGard says in this thread “And NO, you cannot get a job in Web Design without knowing much”

NOT TRUE – I hire them and my PROVEN abilities destroy your 10 year effort, LanGard MicroDevelopers. LanGard, You have ABSOLUTELY no credentials to back your claims in the forum, to customers, to students or anyone else.

4 Responses to “LanGard MicroDevelopers LLC (very limited)”

  1. Gordy January 6, 2008 at 11:40 am #

    that guy’s a tool I read that also

  2. ShamanG January 6, 2008 at 12:00 pm #

    😯 you are coming up for his name. That’s hilarious ❗

  3. Knox January 6, 2008 at 12:01 pm #

    hmmm, 🙄 I wonder how that happened.


  4. Convent Station Guy January 7, 2008 at 2:45 pm #

    Hmmm, I read that thread as well and thought to myself, his words were worth less than the pixels it took to display them.

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