Knox Favorite 2007 Web Flicks | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Knox Favorite 2007 Web Flicks

Ok, my plate is pretty full so this isn’t a grand post. Below is a snapshot of my current desktop – you see I’m pretty busy.

Even with Mac OSX’s great filing system you can still easily fill your desk (and month) with work. Instead of meat, I’ll give a splash of entertainment tonight.

Looking at this, I’m saying to myself “crap, I’m really behind” so I need to get crazy finishing some things and then I’ll post some articles about SEO and WordPress tweaks that I REALLY HAVE BEEN WRITING..

Not a 2007 recap of SEO events that are out there (you can get that anywhere) here’s my favorite short clips of the year, such as.. Miss South Carolina and such as… Flight of The Conchords, Samsung such as….