Real Estate SEO Ugliness and Libel | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Real Estate SEO Ugliness and Libel

Sloppy and unethical SEO’s are walking a fine line between competitive SEO and committing crimes.

I’m getting a lot of queries for some terms that most wouldn’t see on this site for the posts containing those words are now deep inside.

I’m also getting a lot of hits from known ip’s that are watching and waiting for an opinion or observation about a current happening in the SEO world concerning a niche I don’t work within anymore – real estate.

Yes, I’m following it. Want my opinion?

I’m disgusted with it, I’m disgusted with you.

Now, I’m not the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World but I know the personalities and my moles are getting bombarded with the same defaming, libelous, sickening, slanted and spun stories about a person and firm that I respect.

I’m sitting out on this publicly, but watching and am confident the phoenix will rise again. I know the truth, the money and motivation behind it and logging everything for those affected by this.

And remember, if anything you have posted is NOT true or complete in the horrible context you have written it, AND impacts your target monetarily in a negative way….

When those wannabe’s clinging onto the hype in hope to lever out the honorable, good luck -the space is more organized than you know, even with the accumulative talking point articles optimized for who you’re tackling. Your names are also public and there are years of info in archive.

Attacking someone for your own personal gain is sickening. Smearing a name online with half-truths and lies is actionable. DEFENDING your name is different, and you’re hopelessly lost.

Half of you owe your success (some of you have publicly stated so) to your target. You are coat-tail SEO’s.

Taking down your mentor, while your success is due to his efforts – creating a competing system and trying to siphon their clients and crying foul on the part of your teacher to distract the public from YOUR unethical TOS violations and underhanded solicitation of their systems’ client list is not SEO.

It’s defamation. It’s a lie, it’s unethical -it’s thievery. No matter how many articles you post, how many email you send unsolicited or competing systems you create or how many cronies you get to re-vomit the same venom it will collapse when it happens to you – and it always does.

Think your names, industry and company names can’t appear in search for the truth containing the collective info about your tactics? A thousand times over?

What comes around….. you know how it goes.

Good luck.