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God Reads the Knox Blog

Turns out God reads this blog.

I received an email that says:

“May God find you and touches your heart once and for all to stop the attitude you’ve taken upon you with this web site to condem many.”

It was from “email@god.com” so I gave it some attention. It was also from the same ip of someone caught committing crimes and earlier called out here. Ironic? No, stupid.

LOOK – I DON’T “condemn many” (though God can’t spell that word). This email was in response to calling out a theft, a theft later admitted to. This person sent a follow-up to me saying “bless you”. Give me a break!

It is NOT condemnation to say “hey – you stole that!” It is a coward that steals. Anyone with courage enough to confront is NOT judgmental. Those without morality, courage or ethics can call me what ever you want – you have the personality flaws. Sad, the day when “godly” people redefines courage and honesty is now.

You Godly people that feel it’s okay to cheat, steal and benefit from the labor of other people have some problems. Am I condemning you? No – you have your problems to resolve later and it won’t be me you’re rationalizing to.

So, to “God” – I know what you REALLY do, and God is throwing up. You may also want to apologize to your victim…