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Greatest Real Estate Agent in The World Is…

Well, I was wrong. When the contest began I threw out an article with a hottie real estate agent and she didn’t win – but I think she’s capable of finding employment. Eric Blackwell is at the top of the serp – congratulations Eric. Maybe after review another contestant will take the prize but Eric maintained the top for most of the contest term.

He was challenged by a few though – Ardell, Greg Boser (what the heck….. I think business beat ego there…) and Ryan Ward were biting his heels for a while. Was I competing – honestly I did the first night I heard about it and I held the first page with a simple article for a time and I think I was satisfied. I didn’t push it at all after that, left maybe a dozen comments about it on other blogs and continued to do my real job. Now – what to do with the articles….:) Now that I see the serp I wish I stuck it out and shared a page with some friends, dang I plunged the last couple weeks while everyone hustled. (And the effort by all will have rewards later – you all learned exactly what Eric Blackwell, Eric Bramlett and Real Estate Webmasters intended – I think)

There will be so many posts about this to come – my analysis would be a drop in the ocean so I’m going to remain faithful to my lovely – but to honor the winner I’ll post Eric’s pic as well. I am assuming he’s got a sense of humor. Eric – good job, now I understand why Ardell didn’t take you up on lunch;)