Denver SEO, iPhones and Randomness | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Denver SEO, iPhones and Randomness

It’s time. It needs to happen. This site is a mess, unfocused and confusing – I know. It was fun, allowed me to play and explore without hurting clients. I never expected some of what has happened and have for a time been reluctant to change things. The size of this blog, all the sub-wordpress installations and toys has made it a bear of a task to change.

But, I am. Over the next month this site is splitting up into a few new domains. Yes – My blog will survive.

Pros and cons. Pros – more focused and better to targeted visitors for various categories. But, there will be a loss in serps. So, I will do my best to direct everyone to the appropriate place.

iPhones, Denver SEO and my ramblings will be sorted to various domains that make sense.

I know (my competitors will love this but most of them are good guys) I will fall from search for Denver SEO. That’s okay, my clients are referral based but I’ll come back. I like sharing a page with friends vs. enemies. But when the change happens please try to update your links if you have any. You’ll notice for I’ll have the ever so annoying .js popup saying “if you’re trying to reach, then go…” blah blah or something just as annoying but in time it will smooth out and make sense. Thanks to everyone who has come by to read my ramblings, you’ll still be able to do that – I’ll keep you informed here.

Contact me if you have any questions and thanks for putting up with the changes. Yes – I’ll continue here until the switch occurs, don’t go anywhere – we’re buddies!