Denver SEO Fraud and Knox Update | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Denver SEO Fraud and Knox Update

denver eo warningThe Denver SEO fraud!

I was a little upset when I was contacted last month from a “client” that was pretty upset that “I” took a bunch of money from them and didn’t provide the contracted service. “Ummm…. Who are you?”

It turns out there’s an “SEO Speaker” here in Denver that is selling THEIR SEO SERVICES using MY NAME as a selling point.

Wow – I received copies of all correspondences this company received from this seo fraud that included my name. Sure enough, it’s clear he convinced this client that they “work closely with Knox” with all the email saying “Knox is working on the…” and Knox said that if..” and many more. This client company, before signing up for services, was sold believing that I was performing the work.

Time for me to act. I called this person that used my name as their selling tool and had a nice coffee with a digital recorder running. Good cop experience finally kicked in with my conversation. Yup – got all the redundant confessions, the admissions, that he failed, got in over his head, used my name because it would work, isn’t capable on his own, is freaking out, that he got schooled (not yet) and then some.

denver eo warningSo, ANYONE out there that is under the belief that you’re working with me and has NOT PERSONALLY SEEN MY FACE please contact me and let me know how far this has gone. (out-of-Stater’s you have your video channels)

So, who is he? I’m keeping it private here – this little story is to make an awareness of this and solicit feedback from anyone else that believes I work for you.

So – that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope everyone’s summer is going well.