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Learnin’ Some SEO, Eh

Update – Sep. 20 2009.  I’m back now and added some pics of the trip.

I’ll be in Nanaimo, BC (that’s in Canada, Mr. Oakley) this September 15-18 attending the REW SEO conference.  I’m pretty excited to see that part of the world and meet some people I’ve chatted with for years but never physically met.

REW is RealEstateWebmasters.com run by Morgan Carey and they’re providing a venue for a few days of classes by some industry greats such as Morgan himself,  Eric Blackwell (this years SEO contest winner) and even Denver’s own PPC guru Ron Goodman, owner of RealtyPPC.

Even if you aren’t in Real Estate or perform SEO for Realtors, the information and after-class chats/relationships will benefit any internet marketer.

BUT – if you ARE a real estate type, know that your conference admission will be credited back to if you retain them for real estate SEO services – not too shabby.

Check out the details at REW for the event and see if you can get yourself up there for some power courses.  Thanks REW for the write-off and mini-vacation opportunity, I’m very excited.

Okay – it’s on an island in a another country.  This will be the adventure – catching a plane to Seattle, renting a car, driving, boarding a ferry arriving in Victoria, driving some more – but it should be fun and provide some memories.  At least I’ll have a pretty travel-mate:)  Make a trip of it for the best bang-for-buck.  I’ll bring the camera (oh wait, I have an iPhone) and get some pics of the players and beautiful city – do my best to make those of you jealous who don’t attend.

I can’t wait to implement some techniques I’ll surely learn from these guys in my client projects.  Competitors, look out!

Oh yeah – you may wonder why a lizard…. I’ve wondered that for a long time.  Those that understand, understand.