Denver Web Design – Knox Split Part 2 | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Denver Web Design – Knox Split Part 2

Another update about this site getting split up a little.

Today “” is up – it’s totally unrefined but at least it’s there now.  It’s the Denver Web Design part of the Knox Solutions Co-op.

Ok – it’s Web Design, SEO, iPhones and my rants.  I’m getting there. Eventually, all things “EBA” will be “Knox”.  Oh, what’s EBA?  Really, it’s so old it doesn’t matter anymore but it was an acronym for some projects in 2004 and the letters just wouldn’t die.  Confusing, I know – it’s all coming together now.

web design in denver live

Still need to get the logo worked on too for I don’t engage in any Drupal development anymore.  (Yes – it was a druplicon inspired face). Need some ideas… tired of the web 2.0 colors and Denver skyline sites.