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Thanks To SEO Mentors and Fans

After believing I was close to hitting the One Million mark for unique visitors to this blog I started crunching the numbers.

I use 3 different metrics systems on this site to gauge it and don’t want to count any false hits, spiders, etc. but I can now confidently say I did it last night.

Since I converted this site to a personal blog in September 2006 I have now received 1,000,000 unique visits!

It was sloooooow ramping up while I figured out (as if I fully have) what I’d be doing here but it really took off this year.

I started out talking about some seo, but mostly branding and image for companies as they relate to the internet.  The traffic was low and I really wasted my good stuff on just a few eyeballs back then.

Now, there are few reasons I hit the million number, so I am thanking them here, not in order of importance but as I write freely.

Eric Bramlett – an seo and Austin real estate guy opened my world up to social marketing on the internet.  Through his examples and quietly watching his techniques I’ve finally graduated to understanding that part of the web.  Thank you Eric Bramlet.

Morgan Carey – the original seo guy, was one of my mentors and he didn’t know it.  Studying his forums, websites, his clients and competition for years I realized he provided a model of success.  He doesn’t hide his knowledge and is open to anyone who earnestly desires to study the art.  Morgan, it was great to finally meet you.

Eric Blackwell – Eric has ethics.  He’s creative and does everything in an honest way or he doesn’t engage.  Truly remarkable in this industry.  Eric’s a good guy and understands (and teaches) that SEO is a team sport and while social networking is important on the internet, PHYSICAL social networking is just as powerful.

Zack Katz is a local Denver seo competitor.  Though silly to link out and shout out his skill, I am.  I’ve met him several times and teamed up as well and consider him my only competitor in Denver. (Not Boulder, Brett;)  Why do I thank Zack?  He’s humbled me and caused me to work harder – I may have become cocky complacent.  Darn you Zack, and thanks.

Finally – the large group of visitor are Apple and iPhone fans.  YOU have really helped me out and I will try to thank you with a version 2 of the template system and some other utilities like the LCD fix.

Note to self – post about Compete only taking data from U.S. isp’s cuz half my traffic is outside.. I digress.

I do thank all of you who come by.  I will try not to be such a nazi with moderation.  I have received a lot of email saying I “never approve comments”.  That’s almost true, I’ve been stingy with it and will loosen up. I’ve built a few new sites for my articles over the last few months and now that they’re finished, I now have time to write!  See you around.

3 Responses to “Thanks To SEO Mentors and Fans”

  1. James Boyer Summit NJ October 18, 2008 at 12:59 pm #

    Congratulations on getting to this mark. 1 million unique visitors is quite a lot, and something to be very proud of.

    As to your list of people who you have learned from, I know and have learned from 3 out of the 4. Mr. Katz is as of yet not known to me, but perhaps that will change in the near future.

    Keep up the great work, all the posts about IPhones and stuff is great, though I personally love the SEO posts, such as how to get doubles in Google’s index, how to 301 categories from a blog to a site to through a little more link love at the site or grab another double, those are pure gold to me.

    Love it,


  2. Eric Blackwell October 19, 2008 at 10:17 am #

    Thanks Knox-

    I am humbled by your compliment. It was GREAT meeting you. There’s are reason you have received this many visitors. You are a solid guy and an SEO’s kind of SEO.

    If you are client of Knox’s and are perchance reading this…you have selected well in having someone help you build you online authority. ’nuff said!


  3. Jaz October 19, 2008 at 8:58 pm #

    Hey, I helped too! 😉
    knox rox!

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