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EBA, Fight Club, Blogroll and Odds

The URL of this domain is odd, I know.  I REALLY don’t want to change it for the links built are natural, from blogs and tech forums and the nightmare of emailing… you get the idea.

I’m seasoning other urls for the “business” side of this as some know but I’m still left with this obscure domain.

In a way I like it, I can use it to prove that “keywords in your domain give an unfair advantage” arguments are silly.

First, this domain means nothing.  It’s a collection of letters that Google use to interpret as a misspelling for “web”.  I knew this because Tyler Durden knew this.

Well this site over time evolved to where it is, with all its chaos that I enjoy.

So, I threw out on Twitter what EBA could stand for.  Could there be a clever acronym I can inject and pretend it was intentional?

Thanks for the ideas.  This was a fun test to not really see what could be clever, but it gave me a hint of what my online personality is, from outside myself.  You are never perceived by others exactly as we wish or believe.  Outside feedback is essential.

The ideas were pretty varied and I expected that.  I wrote in my “about page” 2 years ago:

“My personal reputation is as fluid as the posts that will likely follow, while my professional reputation is biased by great success.”

Yes, it’s arrogant and it holds true, I’ve earned it.

This blog is unfocused, and evidently I intended for it to remain this way. I’ll keep my promise to myself. Though this blog would probably be “better” if I tuned its focus according to usability experts, I am much more free by not restricting the content or my ideas.  I’m not one to adhere to standards either, according to myself.  Again, I’ll keep this domain true to my own words.

yes, I’ve changed it a couple times for short periods of time only to bring it back to this layout – I LIKE it. So, that’s that, finally.  I’m going to keep it this way.

I am not going to talk about SEO too much because I have no intention to train competitors.  I always thought that seo bloggers that give tips are just passing them on to act like they know something.  Well, their words are identical to the words used by the bloggers they emulate.  All flattery goes to whom they read, not what they write.

So, what is EBAspace now?

It could be, from the ideas submitted a number of things.

I’m compiling a blogroll here of people who have earned it by either having great content, great character or cause me to think harder or laugh even more.  I’ll be adding those that engaged me on this twitter inquiry as well – thanks guys (and gals).

For those curious to what I received, here’s the list: (I highlighted the ones I liked)

  • Effective Blogging Alliance
  • Effective Blogger Association
  • Eclectic Blogging Alliance
  • Edgy, Bold, A cut above the rest
  • Exceptional Buyers Agents
  • Easter Bonnet Army
  • Excellent Blogging Advice
  • Expert Brand Awareness
  • Elite Business Awareness
  • Engineered Brand Awareness
  • Engineering Brand Awareness
  • Engineered Brand Attraction
  • Engineering Brand Attraction
  • Engineered Brand Addiction
  • Entertaining Blogging Attitude
  • Emergency Blog Assistance
  • Essential Blog Aggression
  • Extremely Bold  a..h..e
  • Ethics Barely Admissible
  • extremely bad Attitude (Hey, not in person!)
  • Evil Being Annoyed
  • Excellence, Brilliance, but Annoying
  • Example By Attitude
  • Energetic Blog Awesomeness
  • E-Buddy Army
  • Edgy Blog Alliance
  • Exquisite Boundless Attitude
  • Exposing Bullies And turds
  • Ethical but annoying
  • Entertaining Blog Assortment
  • Enigmatic Blogging Aftermath
  • Edgy blog angel
  • Eternal Blog Accident
  • Experimental Blog Anarchist
  • Enter Brand Anarchy

AND there’s a set of ideas from Mike aka Coastal aka Class Joker!  Man, one crazy evening with him and he sends me:

  • Eager Beaver Associates
  • Earth’s Best Alcoholic  (very untrue)
  • Echo Bravo Alpha Niner
  • Eric Bramlet Accomplice (no, but he’ll get blogrolled)
  • Everclear Burbon absinthe (I don’t remember the Burbon)

A lot of this is flattering, some I think is dead on, some is way off.

A few new domains are in order, one is serious and uncluttered.  The other will be pure seo, member only deal and then this one, EBA, will remain MY Space. (no, not that one)

Catch you all on the forums or elsewhere.


5 Responses to “EBA, Fight Club, Blogroll and Odds”

  1. Scott Hack November 10, 2008 at 7:48 am #

    You missed my response. Not that you don’t already have enough, or a variation of what I said though.

    Entertaining Blogging Attitude. Entertaining readers with SEO advice since 19xx.

  2. Knox November 10, 2008 at 7:50 am #

    Sorry Scott, they flew by pretty quick! I’ll add it up above!

  3. Zack @ Katz Web Design November 10, 2008 at 3:42 pm #

    Other options areEffective Blogging AdviceEffective Blogger in ActionExpanding Blogger AwarenessI love acronyms!

  4. Kevin Koitz November 10, 2008 at 5:31 pm #

    Well said…and we’re glad it’s uniquely, refreshingly…”your” space. Keep it up!
    – K

  5. James Boyer Chatham NJ November 11, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    I am glad that you are going to keep your blog similar to the way it is now. It is nice to read various subjects and ideas. I don’t follow the Ipod stuff to much, not having one, but I did like the SEO blog post that you did write, and sorry to hear that you will not be writing much about it anymore.

    Keep up the great work Knox.


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