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Knox "Logo" Changes Explained

The “logo” on this site has changed over time.

Actually, it’s not a logo – I don’t want a little drawing to represent me or what I do.  What I have up there is just a symbol and I’ll explain the evolution and it’s beginning.

I’ll start with the end:  Below is a frame series from the movie Fight Club based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

The orb used in the current version of my “logo” is dubbed “corporate art” in the story where it’s used as a  tool to destroy another business.  The art is released and simply rolls across what would not typically be viewed as a space from witch an attack would be launched and slowly rolls across a corporate lobby with impunity, finally to crash a popular coffee franchise.

Why do I like this story?  Because it’s a realization of the idea that a little thought and clever implementation can bring change to what is considered an omnipotent force.

Quickly, how it got here:  In a galaxy far, far away I was a heavy Drupal developer and used its open license “Druplicon” for a number of projects. When I began this site, though it is WordPress, I was still using the Druplicon.  I really am not a “web 2.0” color guy and my work doesn’t necessarily fit the neon pink and green of the everybody hug each other social web.

But, I’m actually a nice guy in person so used the “smiling face” of the the Druplicon.

He wore sunglasses cuz he’s a cool guy:)  Actually, that’s because I am rarely photographed without sunglasses because of a photo sensitivity – long story.

This orange guy was actually a few steps away from the original but just became.. flat.  The 2-dimensional image wasn’t accurate.

I began to look for something that kept the shape, so an orb being 3-D was a definite.  But an orb of what?  If I kept the orange disk then I’d come off as selling Sunkist oranges or am a Sunny Delite juice… it had to change.

So, what do I do?  What is my service?   What is my image?

Though this sounds violent the story is actually very good and the images used tell a story that is deeper than mere “fighting”.

Ok, the fight club orb needs to keep its personality that I’ve had here forever so instead of my signature shades, they are now something that looks like goggles, maybe something covert.  That’s for the viewer to decide if they want to.

I’ve talked about “fight club” a couple times here and elsewhere and would like everyone to see that when an idea is thought out and coordinated with a trusted team that great things can happen.  Things that the “coffee franchises” can’t foresee.

And as for not adhering to any rules for “logos” or branding, I believe I’ll be forgiven by those who matter and know me.  This is my place to play.

3 Responses to “Knox "Logo" Changes Explained”

  1. Zack @ Katz Web Design November 12, 2008 at 8:37 pm #

    I think it makes your whole site more cohesive. Your icon was never quite bad-ass enough…this has definitely changed that!

  2. Mr. #000000 November 15, 2008 at 7:46 pm #

    Funny, you always stuck me as an RSS Orange #ff7400, Flickr Pink #ff0084 with a little counterspot powder blue #ADE3EF kinda guy! :mrgreen:


  3. Knox November 15, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    Mr #000000, that is so geekishly funny!

    Don’t be a stranger Mike!

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