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Gulf Shores Condos Caters To What I Want

Today we hit 17 degrees and it snowed all day!  A couple times on the phone I found myself saying “I need my beach”.  I mentioned I’m getting rid of the ‘ol party pad in Destin (see my pics in the menu) and sliding it, with some maturity to a Condo in Gulf Shores.

So, while the snow fell outside my window today I cruised this real estate site for something special.  I’m used to the high-rise condos and though they’re typical for the beaches, I want something lower.  I still want to look over the dunes and not at them but I don’t want to ride the elevator to get to bed either.  3 stories I think.  I’m a smoker but at sea level I think I could make it up the stairs.

Anyway, the Condos listed on this Gulf Shores real estate site shows a preview of all the properties.  This is cool because another site I was using only displayed a table of prices and a property number after I searched.  This is crap.  Makes me think about SEO too.  The guys that put the site together made it uber-cool to the user and guess what… it got me.  So I’ll be headed down this Spring and hopefully take one of the pads of their MLS list.

I’ll still go to Destin but it will be something extra I do while I take my breaks – I gotta keep adding to my sand collection – that’s a long story.

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