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Knox Christmas Gift Suggestions

Yes, I say Christmas.

Here are my Christmas gift recommendations this year.  They span several genres and I wouldn’t recommend them if I weren’t a happy customer myself.

Feet Pajamas! No matter how macho you are, you know you want them.  It’s 3 degrees as I write this and yes, I’m wearing flannel feet pajamas.

Apple MacBook – Best laptop out there that fits in your lap while having ample power.  Best of all, it’s a Mac.

SandiCast Dogs – Have a dog or love someone who does?  The little statues are very lifelike.  I keep one on my desk and serves as a reminder to walk the little guy when I get hyper-focused on projects.

Stolen Lives – This book by John Sileo gives you what’s needed to protect your identity.  John’s a good guy and considered an expert on Identity theft world-wide.

The Roush Charger – Not for everyone, first they need a Mustang. It’s a twin-root super charger and doesn’t void your car’s warranty while boosting to 510 hp and 500 torque! Everything needed to chew up Corvettes and Porsches. (change your gear set if you use this)  Sometime ricers aren’t enough.

The iPhone Template – An seo’s best bang for buck.  Get an Apple link AND provide great usefulness.  Ok, this one is mine, but it’s still a great idea:)

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  1. Sam T December 16, 2008 at 10:58 am #

    I’m totally getting those pj’s 😀

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