Denver Needs a Different Real Estate Voice | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Denver Needs a Different Real Estate Voice

Almost done migrating content and then this site will start presenting the new Denver real estate info.  No, it won’t be real impressive at first, mostly some filler.

I’m still in need of a Denver mls feature – I think I know some people that can help with that.  I’m also trying to find an original theme, maybe a whole new framework is needed.

So, am I a real estate broker in Denver?  No.  Will I become one?  I might.  I’ll be sending email out to those that have followed me pretty soon with an update of the real estate switch.  So – Do I do “real estate seo”?  Not really, other than assist friends but none of it’s contractual or intense.  Will I work on this site?  Yes, eventually.  But truthfully, I expect it to degrade a little before I can push it the way I’d like.

Why am I doing this?  Again, email will go out.  To everyone else, just watch – and If you link here let’s make it real estate and Denver related 😉

SEO blog will be at so my voice will still be around.