Countdown to iPhone Anger about 3Gs | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Countdown to iPhone Anger about 3Gs

I admit I’m a fan of the iPhone.  But, unlike those that camp out for days to be one of the first to acquire a new Apple toy (like these guys a week ahead of the release), I am waiting a week or so.

Yeah, my phone has been dropped and kicked a few times – even fell in a toilet, so i do need a new one.

But I’ve thought about the upgrade too, and I don’t see any real NEED.  I really can’t justify a couple hundred dollars for a compass and video ability.  I prefer an HD Flip for that.

So, the Software 3.0 upgrade is nice, with some features that have iPhoners drooling.

BUT – some people are going to be upset for they have not read some fine print.

A BIG feature that has been lacking is MMS.  iPhoners like to txt, a lot!  And, with the NEW (cough) ability to add media to the chats they are all very excited.  BUT – there WILL BE NO MMS in the U.S. for months becasue AT&T won’t support it for a while. (And remember, we HAVE to use AT&T)

Also – Tethering is being raved about.  NO, U.S. customers won’t be able to use the tethering feature either.

So – expect a bunch of groans from people who ooh and aah over glossy renderings but fail to read the English.  Those little footnote indicators are there for a reason.

Yeah – awesome phone, but AT&T sucks.  Apple needs to allow choice, or at least not advertise to US customers features that aren’t going to be available.

iPhone Software update is available tomorrow for free, the iPhone in a couple days.  They are lined up, many who already have a 3G but ‘need’ to have the latest toy, even if it doesn’t do anything (of a couple hundred dollars value) new.

Oh, be sure to grab your iPhone template and build your own iPhone webapp;)

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  1. surfdenver June 16, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    I agree that they should offer options as to the provider. tethering is the most disappointing thing. Other than that its not that bad. Phone companies all suck.

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