Denver Rally Against Obama Health Care | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Denver Rally Against Obama Health Care

  • Because I don’t want to pay for casual abortions.
  • Because I don’t think seniors should have mandatory “end of life counseling” every 5 years.
  • Because I don’t believe older people (like YOUR parents) have a “duty to die”.
  • Because I believe in PERSONAL accountability, not collectivism.
  • Because I value FREEDOM.

Because of these things and a hundred more, I attended a rally today at the Capitol building in Denver sponsored by the Independence Institute.

I took this with my iPhone 3Gs and uploaded it to YouTube from the event. Neat toy!  Get your template to build your own iPhone webapp! (okay, plugged myself there).

My youtube email from just this afternoon alone shortly after the upload I’ve been called a racist, a hick, a red-neck and more before it had less than a dozen views, so comments are closed here – sorry haters.  This from those who support a President who calls honorable cops stupid, so I understand their tactics.