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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Haiti Earthquake

Royal Caribbean wants you to see a completely different Haiti.  “Labadee” is what’s called a leased part of the island that the cruise line calls “private” and is one of the many places their tanning customers get to visit.  It’s in Haiti.  It’s 70 miles from the devastation at Port-au-Prince.

Personally I think it’s disgusting that after a WEEK, Royal Caribbean has “PLEDGED” ONE million dollars to the relief.  Yes, they have several ships that hold THOUSANDS of people.  Sure, the ships desalinate water at sea.  WHY wouldn’t they AT LEAST donate ONE for housing injured victims?  Why wouldn’t they at least DOCK and OFFER to transport the THOUSANDS of kids orphaned and bring them HERE?

First of all, Haiti is devastated.  The people who survived are devastated, thirsty, hungry and filthy.  There is no longer a government and no services.  Are we REALLY waiting to find “appropriate paperwork” in the rubble before bringing people here?  Are we REALLY pretending that while thousands sunbathe and play volleyball 70 miles away that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS aren’t dead and dying?

Royal Caribbean wants you to see a paradise, and it’s a good thing the mountains keep their pleasure seekers from seeing the devastation.  Maybe the smell of the rotting will make it’s way over the hills.

Seriously, ONE million dollars????  Your latest ship cost you 800 million to build!  I’ve sent money – more than 1/800 the cost of my car.  And as for charity, Mr. Obama could donate his “Nobel Peace Prize” winning to the relief also, that was over a million dollars.  He promised it would go to charity but never said where. He did write a check for $15,000 today though – good start.

Below are pictures Royal Caribbean wants you to envision Haiti as while some are what it’s like right now. Really, it’s not like the Navy will sink your floating cities if you dared pull in with a red cross painted on the side and a welcome sign above the door.

Adam Goldstein, President and CEO at Royal Caribbean – do the right thing.  Do the HUMAN thing.  Forfeit a little profit, possible a bonus and a Mercedes and save a few thousand lives tomorrow.  You’ll be the preferred cruise line in this hemisphere for a long time if you did.

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