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iPad Works For Web Guys – Closer to Laptop Than SmartPhone

First of all, the iPad is NOT just a big iPhone as droid fans and those who don’t have an iPad may say. This device, with a few apps and familiarity with the iPhone interface is closer to a laptop (for me) than it is any smartphone. To evaluate it and see if it’s a viable option for people like me to use I made decision to not touch a laptop for a couple weeks, forcing me to use an iPad. Well I’m not a typical user, I don’t just use the Internet, check email, type docs and tweak spreadsheets (though all of this is easily done on the iPad). I’m a coder, a webmaster and I like to tinker, break things, fix things and play. I need to troubleshoot email issues, amend websites, post, create images, videos and more and I need to do it quickly and fairly often. It’s clear, the iPad CAN replace a laptop in most cases. It has for me. In fact, I made this entire post on the iPad.

These are my staple apps that allow me to use the iPad on a daily “work” basis. Click the thumbnails to see a bigger


Web Stuff

Markup: Markup is a great app that let’s you code and preview your works. You build a list of websites with your FTP logins and you can then browse them on the iPad and select the thumbnail of the desired website needing work. After selecting it you can browse the directories,s select file, edit, create new files and so on. It even has a quick key to special characters needed by coders. This app is great for a webmaster or SEO.

Source Viewer: this is a great app for seo’s for it let’s you peak at the source code of any URL you wish. It let’s you browse the code source, all links within and even allows you to snoop on the script code with a tap. Every SEO needs to peek in on source code, this is perfect.

Photogene: not exactly Photoshop but pretty dang close for what’s needed if you want to manipulate, crop and edit photos and pictures. It allows you to layer elements, add text, borders, resize and it has a pretty powerful color control tool set. Save it to you gallery for easy uploading anywhere you want. I used this for photos in this post.

Sketch Book Pro: This app is actually above me for it’s incredibly powerful and I’m a horrible artist. It does allow me to make some quick sketches on the fly for notes but it’s intended for more detail. It has a rich palette of various brushes and tools and also allows layering of elements. With a stylus, this app has great usefulness.

WordPress: All web masters, most likely, are familiar with WordPress and use it as a standard. The WordPress for iPad app is not very useful in some ways, but something about it nice. Granted, you can always log in directly to the WordPress site and use the standard interface for the screen size is plenty large. But the standard interface has a couple problems. You can’t upload photos from your gallery and you must write you posts in code view only. Not the most streamlined way for adding images and links. So, this is why I like the app. Images are handled through the the iPad photo gallery and links code is automatically detected. Categories are simple and it parses the current categories within the site and let’s you pick them with a tap.

Cpanel/Web Host Manager: Both these consoles render and work like a charm in Safari. Personally, I use them daily for basic webmastery be it from suspending websites when owners decide they no don’t feel it necessary to pay for their hosting (cough) to code based SEO or creating new accounts, tweaking server allocation space, hunting email etc. You can do all of this from your car or at Starbucks after a client call and provide incredibly fast customer service.

SERPS: This a free and simple little native App that quickly lists your interested domains and desired keywords and lists your rank along side the competition. Basically, a quick way to google everything at once.

Fun Stuff

Weatherbug: nice fee app – lots of features and smooth animations, much more than other apps and less clunky as the Weather Channel app – much faster too. Each right column widget can be brought to center with a touch (there are more widgets as you scroll down the column too) and you can set many locations or have it bring up your own location via gps.

ReelDirector: This is a great app for video editing! iMovie for iPad is not yet available, this is a great app to use ’til then. Perform basically all the functions you would expect from a video editing application. Sharing your projects is simple via the iTunes interface on your desktop, save to your gallery and use as you would for FaceBook, YouTube etc. or just shoot it out as email.

Solitaire: A staple on any computer:) Touch controls are perfect, a great time-suck.

Videos: BEAUTIFUL HD quality and bright screen makes this a wonderful device to watch my favorite TV shows.

Camera A/B: This is a combo app to be used in concert with an iPhone. Basically it pairs your devices and let’s you view the screen camera on an iPhone on the screen of the iPad. Seems silly to some, but the clever will grin at the possibilities.

Better Browsing

Safari: I know, Flash isn’t supported still.. groan…. BUT this version of safari is amazing. The renderings are perfect, haven’t found any problems with JavaScript and even embedded video from many services show within the page! (much different than iPhone that opened the video browser to watch a movie). I was really surprised to see apple handle that without making a big deal about it.

Basic “Work”

Pages/Keynote/Numbers – Yeah, they all work really well and there’s a lot out there to learn about the apps. I’m a web guy:)

The Bottom Line

Instant on computing on a large and intelligent interface that goes way beyond the simple apps of a smartphone. My job/livelihood is on the line to be able to access the web, manipulate it and use standard tools and this device surely does that. Not only am I sold on the iPad for it’s practical and business worthy aptitude but also it’s flare, it’s simplicity and fun.