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Denver SEO claims, tactics etc…. puke

I’ve learned there’s a newcomer to the Denver SEO scene that is claiming they own the term “Denver SEO”.  I guess this spammer has been trying to top rankings for the term (try referrals buddy) and thinks it’s so important to accuse competitors of trying to “steal” his trademark.  Simply by paying 20 bucks to the secretary of state doesn’t convey ownership of a phrase like that.  JOKE. I’ve been away from blogging and touting myself for a while (ranking clients instead of just myself) but I guess it’s time to get back at it and expose the true frauds in the Denver seo space.

Some Denver SEO’s steal entire websites built by others, credit themselves with the work and even resell the code as theirs.  Some spread rumors, some get sued, some are convicted felons, some have injunctions and restraining orders and it goes on and on.  Hey guys, try selling yourself on your abilities instead of  just against others while trying to blacken their reputation with innuendo and cowardly spam or lies about them.  It’s time for a reality check – stay tuned.