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Denver SEO, I’m Out. Newer and Better Things Now, & Why

I’d like to take this time to let you know that while I may not have been blogging for a while and apparently taking a break from the Denver seo world – you’re right.

Though I’ll still take clients referred to me I am not actively competing with other seo professionals in Denver. (Truth be known, I never was – I was national).

My business has strayed for a year playing with ideas and dealing with posers and criminals, but things have settled to a point now that I may announce the future.

But first, the past.

Early in my SEO life I was like many today, absorbing everything I could from known experts while discounting the pollution. It was hard for a while before I could trust my own testing and I referred to some true experts while I refined my techniques. One such person was the original SEO GUY who later found his niche and is now CEO at Real Estate Webmasters.

So, obviously I followed their forum, met members, attended various conventions and naturally made friends virtually as well as in the real world and for years have followed, led and learned together with many of the community.

I’ve promised myself that I would never compete with a mentor. Though I’ve built supplemental blogs for friends and family and built a couple real estate websites I’ve never competed with what I honestly (and publicly) said was something I never really could compete with anyway (that’s a compliment). Real Estate Webmasters has always been ahead of the game, creates the most beautiful websites on the web and deservingly receive the kudos given from around the world.

But – I have this thing, I love SEO, I love mobile solutions, and as a side effect of “hanging out” with the real estate community I’ve decided to help REALTORS® without building real estate websites.

Today I announce Users benefit from a native feeling, fluid mobile real estate search portal that renders on both iPhones and Androids. The SEO built in is thought out and very powerful, building literally thousands of links to real estate websites while also providing a slick and useful tool for customers. I can still help friends and assist in their SEO by providing a killer solution to boost their websites.

Please visit my new site designated for Mobile Real Estate and let your friends know about it. As for Denver SEO – count me out, I’m now a dedicated (aside from referral work) real estate seo.

Thanks to everyone I’ve met, worked with, learned from and even sparred with over the years, all of it has narrowed my focus and honed my skills.

So, now for the referrals:)

If you need an seo who understands technology (and keeps up with it) who can creatively solve your internet woes as well as one who I go to for some programming issues, please see Denver SEO Zack Katz. He’s a good guy, honest and I personally and confidently recommend him.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers who need a professional, beautiful and VERY affective web presence, please go to Real Estate Webmasters.

SEO Coaching. If you’d like to learn and grow your web presence with some top notch coaching, check out I’ve met Eric, know his work, know his techniques and is probably one the most honorable guys on the web today.

Web Copy! This one is huge, and very important. Without the right copy, your site will be invisible. If you need some help writing or need a collection of sites or pages that need tweaking or created, check out Lou Lynch at Quick Fire Internet.

If you need hosting or want to set up some dedicated blogs, etc – Talk to Kevin Kinkade at Denver Business Blogs. Again, I’ve met him and know you will be treated well.

Okay, now that that’s done, everyone please have a GREAT year and I hope you all do well with your ventures.