New iKnox 2.0 iPhone Template Available Soon | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

New iKnox 2.0 iPhone Template Available Soon

Stop FAKING your mobile solution with plugins that simply shrink a website. You want the interface users are use to!

This is a brand new framework.  iKnox allows anyone who knows WordPress to quickly create and manage mobile sites.  It’s App enabled on iPhones but also works perfectly on Android systems as well.

The example in the video uses the Beatles song lyrics as a demonstration, but the sky’s the limit for your projects.  If you have an idea, you can build in within minutes.

If you’ve ever used WordPress then you already know how.  All you need is the right framework to make it all happen with an end product that’s smooth and fluid – just like your users expect.

Build your pages and subpages and the menu is dynamically created. Fluid, native horizontal scrolling, splash screens when launched from icon and everything you would expect from a mobile solution.

Let’s face it.  Other systems and plugins simply re-render your current theme to FAKE the interface.

iKnox is the real deal integrated into the theme itself. Images are automatically resized to fit perfectly within “pages” to make it even more simple for clients.