iKnox 2.0 – Not Just an iPhone Template | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

iKnox 2.0 – Not Just an iPhone Template

Something different. Something easier. Something better.

Have you ever wanted an App enabled mobile site but don’t know how to build one? The truth is that if you can use WordPress, you’re already an expert.

Do you want it to FEEL native and fluid?

Do you want to manage not just the content but all the menu items as well?

Do you want to style and brand it yourself without ever needing a webmaster?

Do you want to be able to make deep menu systems with fluid horizontal scrolling?

Do you want to manage media without worrying about sizes and mobile capability?

Do you want the ability to interlink it with other mobile apps natively with easy buttons within the editor?

Would you like your mobile site to be App enabled for iPhones but also offer the same site to Android users?

Let’s face it. You COULD just use a plugin to re-render a WordPress blog to fit on the mobile screen. OR you could use the iKnox 2.0 Theme that takes you into the native fluid realm that iPhone and android users expect while giving you complete control over style and content.

Some systems offer a “brandable” solution with limited capability. iKnox isn’t branded TO you, it IS you. And as your desire for the content to go through some changes, you can update it at anytime.

iKnox isn’t simply a theme or iPhone template, it’s a framework that joins Ajax, WordPress and awesomeness into a user experience your visitors want while making you look like a genius.