Simply The Easiest Way To Go Mobile | iPhone Stuck Pixel and Dead Pixels fix

Simply The Easiest Way To Go Mobile

Most of the people coming to this site are looking for ways to create iPhone web sites or web applications.  Without the need to find your way through the cumbersome Apple SDK or learn to code, iKnox is providing a way for almost anyone to quickly build (and be proud of) mobile projects.

The great thing about it is that they look fantastic on all modern smartphones, not just iPhones.  “Never shun a customer” is what we say, and what we’re providing.

Anyone who has used WordPress to create a website already knows how to build an iphone app enabled site.  Install our theme and plugin and it’s all ready.  The “how to” menu has a couple movie tutorials to show you how to structure your menus and content, even including widgets.

Branding is easy by either uploading images or selecting colors for the toolbars and backgrounds, and there are even several pre-set color schemes to start from.

Knoxing is always an email away if you need a little help or have some questions.  Let us know what you create, we’d love to see your mobile presence!