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How To Add Registration, Gallery and More To Diverse Solutions WordPress Plugin

As many know, I’ve been heavily into Real Estate SEO for a good amount of time.  I LOVE the Diverse Solutions plugin for WordPress because it allows you to have an integrated IDX on your site. That’s just step one though.  It’s limited.  It basically spits out the IDX data but that’s where it ends.  People who use it are happy to have all the indexed properties on their sites – but that’s where it always ends.  Real estate agents need LEADS from the traffic their sites are finally getting.

What I do is after installing the Diverse Solutions plugin called dsIDXpress, I then add the IDX+ plugin (only now being released publicly).  You would be AMAZED at what’s possible.  It adds a ton of functionality and SEO.  Yeah you need to still build a great theme conducive to real estate, default 2011 won’t exactly cut it lol.

If you want to build a real estate website with Forced Registration (or even suggested), set the number of views before registering, display RELATED PROPERTIES after a home search, give users the ability to SAVE searches, listings, give the agent valuable user data, have a GALLERY view of search results instead of just a list, customize the login screens and LITERALLY over a hundred seo options and customizations and turn a WordPress real estate site into a true competitor – then get IDX+. I swear by it, and the big real estate SEO’s out there trust me, you can too lol. (Check their opinions if you don’t;).

Normally you would have to pay the big vendors MANY thousands of dollars and host it with them at huge costs. Normally you would need to pay for every little thing that WordPress users can already do themselves but NO MORE.  Just a plug-in will give you everything you need to build a winning real estate website, for a fraction the cost and with total freedom in the future.

Yeah – my real estate website company will build you a killer site, but without IDX+ it would still look fantastic, but that’s it.  It would get all the traffic in the world but my clients need leads.  Check them out if you want to build your own or let me know and I’ll certainly help out.  You can sample one at – do some searches and see how the Forced Registration will pop up.  Even better, register and see how we build around the extra functionality to create a control panel for users with saved searches and listing.

Below are some shots of the user side of the the above site, but check out the plugin site to learn more about the user data collection (that helps with leads guys:) and details of all the features you can finally build into the site.  I’ll build you a killer site, but thought I’d let you know WHY it’s killer.