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Who Is Knox?

I’m an SEO, a web developer, WordCamp Speaker, programmer, coffee drinker, cigarette smoker, copywriter, dog lover, iPhone user and common sense internet consultant in Denver. I was born out here and moved around growing up but now I’m home.

I have two people here helping me, Chris and Dusty.  Dusty is better on the phones and keeping up with correspondence while Chris is a creative Photoshop expert.  I’m the coder and SEO.  By day I dream and strategize and by night my fingers pour it onto the keyboard with my two red Shiba Inus (those are dogs), Bowie and Optimus. Other than that I don’t share much of my personal life and family happenings on public sites. I hope to be able to make time to blog more as I did in years past – but that’s coming, I’ve left all my good stuff deep within.

Anyway, we provide services to companies and individuals seeking various goals and my abilities are recognized literally around the world.

Aside from work I also play. I’ll share some things I build for amusing on this site and offer my opinions on things wholly unrelated to work – but it’s my blog. Though SEO firms sell against me and spam the world with their brochure-ware, I’ll just let you know what I’m really like.

I’ll probably call out scams and frauds from time to time and challenge the self anointed gurus and “internet marketers” who may be able to rank for an 8 word phrase and garner a few dozen visitors a day who feel qualified to teach their seo tactics (regurgitate other blogs) or pat themselves on their own backs.

This blog is not a representation of my business, but of me, the human behind it who would like to talk about something other than seo or a client interest or target.

Within you’ll see some things about what I do, who I am and maybe cause you to wonder some things about your profession as well. Some things I share may raise an eyebrow of yours, surprise you, scare you or bore you. Mostly I expect to just ramble things off as they come to me, other times I may get passionate.

Prepare yourself to be either bored, or fascinated. Or, take some amusement from this site and its offerings, possible learn, possible laugh – possible roll your eyes. My personal reputation is as fluid and checkered as the posts that will follow while my professional reputation is biased by great success and trophied by the testimonials from world class (not local) seo professionals. I have never chased a client – they find me.

While the experience and education in law enforcement is not directly related to web development or seo, the tactics and investigative experience received certainly has contributed to my success as an SEO and other contracted projects.

Sarcastic at times, I smile at those who are clever, yearn to learn while competing with at times the invisible and open in public as far as my hidden line may allow. A book of contradictions for a time then the synchronicity is revealed.