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New iKnox iPhone Template Features

Well it was teased, but iKnox 2.0 iPhone template (should be 3.0 by now!) has been getting some incredible enhancements. 1. You will be able to design your menu systems as deep as you’d like, build content and even use widgets. 2. You can style the way you want as well, using either a color-picker […]

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SEO, Music, Driving – umm, yeah.

The video is lame and shaky, but it doesn’t really matter – it’s visual filler. I’ve taken this month “off” from work, yes – spent it with family and close friends. During this local vacation I took advantage of the light winter.  Before the recent storm hit I drove up to Conifer with my friend […]

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Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate

I can’t help it, I just feel the need to link to Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate.  Silly active rain people.

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Testing Flip Mino HD in Car for New Website

I have a lot of excess clips from testing the FLIP HD for an upcoming video blog.  Instead of dumping it, here is some with various lighting.  I tried it from within a car.  This seams to be where the Flip suffers – no image stabilization. Below is the result.

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Knox "Logo" Changes Explained

The “logo” on this site has changed over time. Actually, it’s not a logo – I don’t want a little drawing to represent me or what I do.  What I have up there is just a symbol and I’ll explain the evolution and it’s beginning. I’ll start with the end:  Below is a frame series […]

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Twitter Makes Communities Tighter

Those that follow me on Twitter know I don’t use it to advertise.  I don’t shout out “What I’m doing” very often or take irrelevant pictures of my food.  Instead, and to the annoyance of some that will not follow me after learning this (and I’m fine with that), I use it to talk WITH […]

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301 Categories – Half Dirty SEO

Real fast – I was emailed a question like this today about 301’s and categories so I’ll share the method.  I say “half dirty” becasue though 301’s are common in SEO some will call it spam or black hat. This is common to many people, I’m not trying to impress anyone but sometime simple ideas […]

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Denver Web Design – Knox Split Part 2

Another update about this site getting split up a little. Today “” is up – it’s totally unrefined but at least it’s there now.  It’s the Denver Web Design part of the Knox Solutions Co-op.

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Denver SEO Fraud and Knox Update

The Denver SEO fraud! I was a little upset when I was contacted last month from a “client” that was pretty upset that “I” took a bunch of money from them and didn’t provide the contracted service. “Ummm…. Who are you?” It turns out there’s an “SEO Speaker” here in Denver that is selling THEIR […]

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A Bust Gut & Clean Colon

This morning started light. I blog, so I also read blogs. Sometime I cross a headline that makes my dog wonder what’s wrong with me as his ears perk up while I spontaneously bust out laughing. Two of them here. First was found by David Naylor and the headline is Great tits cope well with […]

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Denver SEO, iPhones and Randomness

It’s time. It needs to happen. This site is a mess, unfocused and confusing – I know. It was fun, allowed me to play and explore without hurting clients. I never expected some of what has happened and have for a time been reluctant to change things. The size of this blog, all the sub-wordpress […]

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God Reads the Knox Blog

Turns out God reads this blog. I received an email that says: “May God find you and touches your heart once and for all to stop the attitude you’ve taken upon you with this web site to condem many.” It was from “” so I gave it some attention. It was also from the same […]

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PageRankPimp, Splogger – Bites The Dust

Frustrated with the same scraper splog for a while, (many of you have noticed this in your WordPress dashboard) – I’m happy to see they have apparently been nuked. Hopefully the efforts I’ve put forth finding others scraped by them have resulted in their AdSense account being banned; hence their removing the splog, finally. […]

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Real Estate SEO – Defamation Per se

Defamation Per se Some statements are so defamatory that they are considered defamation per se; and the plaintiff does not have to prove that the statements harmed his reputation or that the statements were false. The classic examples of defamation per se are allegations of serious sexual misconduct; allegations of serious criminal misbehavior; or allegations […]

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Noticing The Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World

I’m watching the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World Contest and what’s happening is what all web property owners need to learn. The rich get richer. But new wealth can be made. The “natural” creation of “rank” theoretically is based partly on Democracy. Links to a site from another are votes, right? The more […]

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Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World

Real estate webmasters is having a contest called Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World. It was the idea of Eric Bramlett but being pushed by REW and Eric Blackwell. There’s my entry —————– > Basically on May 1st they’ll see who is ranking for that term. So, legally defined, an agent works on behalf […]

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